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KongsTM for a Kaws!

All over Dallas, shelters and rescue organizations are trying
desperately to find a place for thousands of homeless dogs & puppies.

Being in a shelter is stressful and frustrating for these dogs and this can
cause all kinds of anxiety related behaviors or illnesses which in turn
makes it harder for them to be adopted.

Therefore we have started this KongsTM for a Kaws Fundraiser to help. Dogs like to chew to relieve stress and to relax themselves. The KongTM gives them a
positive outlet for this as well as providing some troubleshooting
and mental stimulation to idle away the time.

This program was a great hit a few years ago - so we are kicking it off again in hopes to help the growing number of pets in the shelter system find a forever home!

One Kong toy can provide hours of chewing fun.
A frozen Kong
TM can help a dog cool off on a hot day!
Eating out of a Kong
TM can be a fun alternative to a boring bowl!

Kong Fundraiser

Your donation of $10 will help buy a dog/puppy a KongTM
and possibly change their life!
You can make a difference, Please help!

The Following Organizations would Appreciate your Kong Donations!!