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The Diet: Training and Good Dog Treats

Okay so you've done a lot of research and you are feeding a good food - but what about those treats? I see people show up to class all the time with Grocery Store treats that have all kinds of bad things in them!

***If the product says "Animal" meal, bone, digest, fat or "Meat" meal, bone, digest or fat - then it is categorized as an "Unspecified Animal" and is made up of Rendered Meats. Rendered meats is the diseased, decayed and dead carcusses of dogs, cats, road kill and farm animals. These animals are collected and ground up into rendered meat product.

You should look for treats that are as "All natural" as possible. Since most dogs do not process grains very well (this is where your allergies, red tearing and yeast infections come from) it is best to keep Wheat treats to a minimum and look for vegetable and beef, chicken, liver, venison, duck, etc. products.

Here is a list of treats I like to use. Some are found in your refridgerator - others can be found at specialty stores.

Commercial Dog Treats:

1. Zuke's Mini Naturals - All flavors - Good stuff - great size!! These can be found at Petsmart, Pet Supplies Plus and Three Dog Bakery. Some specialty shops carry them too
2. Halo dehydrated treats - All flavors - Very healthy - no additives/100% pure. These can be found at Pet Supplies Plus and Petco
3. Merrick Dried Beef Lung - Found at Pet Supplies plus and some feed and grain stores.
4. Ziwi Peak Dog Food - You can only find this at specialty shops - but alot goes a long way - good stuff!!

The best treats are found in your refridgerator! These are often times lower in sodium, sugars and artifical preservatives than dog treats because they are not made to sit on a shelf for a year!! Plus a lot cheaper!

Fresh Dog Treats:

1. Fresh cooked Chicken -
This is my #1 go to for treats. You can just boil or zap in the microwave a frozen chicken tender and you are good to go!! Best treat ever!!
2. Baby carrots or Green Beans -
cut into small bite size pieces or use for that teething puppy.
3. Apple Pieces -
cut into small bite size pieces
4. Lean lunch meat
- chicken & turkey. I stay away from pork products. Pigs are fatty animals and dogs don't process fats too well. So don't use bacon or ham. Plus ham is cured in a sodium brine. I also buy nitrate free lunch meats for my family.
5. Cheese - I like using mozarella sticks or slices. Low in fat and easy to carry!  American cheeses work well too.
6. Frozen Peas & Carrots - Believe it or not - they don't care that they are frozen. Another one that's great for the teething puppy.

As with any food or treat - All dog's have different digestive system responses and while you may be feeding a good food or giving a healthy treat - your dog may or may not do well on it. You need to do some trial and error to find what works with your dog's system.

I also recommend putting your dog on a Probiotic. I started using one about a year ago and my dogs have all thrived from the benefits. I've seen a reduction of yeast development in ears and paws, less itching in the spring months, less random upset tummys and overall happier dogs. They always say - a happy gut is a happy dog!!

Here is a link to where I buy my Probiotic. It's a powder that you add to the dog's food. It has NO taste so they don't even know. Use the coupon code - sitstay- to save 10% off your order!