"Hi Anne - I wanted to email you to let you know how much I appreciate what you've done for my four dachshunds! I won't hesitate to call you if anything comes up that I need help with. With just two sessions, you've made a huge change for our dogs and given us skills to help them. You're obviously a dog person and related very well with our dogs. I especially like your kinder, gentler approach you use with positive reinforcement and reward. 

I highly recommend your services to anyone with an issue with their dog - whether that issue is large or small! Or if they just want help with training. Thanks again!"
Kim Saunders & The Dachshund Gang

"Anne - First let me tell you Thank you! We loved your classes. We got so much out of the obedience training and we really enjoyed your style. You are a great teacher. Thank you again!"
Brendan Bell & Scout the Aussie

"Anne - Maestro and I enjoyed your class very much.  I'm finally starting a feel a shift in my relationship with him, and as he matures, I do believe that we will be closely bonded -- my dream for a dog.  As a side benefit, Ollie Rocket, has picked up on better behaviors from your class too.  He now does an automatic sit, and his relationship with me has become more tender and adoring.  Maybe it is maturity, but I feel like your class and the things I am working on at home as a result of your class, has put everyone in my household in a better place.  Thanks for that.  

I really liked the way you integrated the training into everyday occurrences.  That makes it SO much easier to implement. We still have a ways to go, but we have broken through some sort of barrier and now things are FUN, instead of hard work."

Susan & Maestro the Standard Poodle

"Annette, We are working with BG daily and she is very receptive to the technique.  We're over joyed by the wealth of information you provided. We look forward to attending one of the adult manners courses in the future.  We can not thank you enough for the KNOWLEDGE you've provided towards successfully achieving our goals with BG. 
The positive reinforcement technique you taught us was what we were looking for and didn't even realize it.  We were gravely misguided into thinking a large strong dog needs more of a forceful oppressive technique.  Thank you for saving us from making a HUGE mistake. Again thank you for helping us, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!"
Branley & Brian, Baby Girl, Bomber & China

"I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed your method of teaching.  I was in 4-H many, many years ago and had a dog in obedience.  I also have had our other two labs in basic obedience classes in this area.  None of the classes compare to Specialty Pets!!  I am a big fan now. "

Melissa & Tess the Golden Retriever

"Anne we wanted to thank you for your continued support and guidance as we raise Bentley, or as he raises us =). You've been a tremendous resource and we appreciate you. Thank you for all the on-going advice and assistance via phone and email.  We are very thankful to have met you and look forward to more fun times." 
Roxanne, Barry and Bentley the Cavalier Spaniel

"I hired Anne to come help me with my little terror Scout.  We had moved into a new apartment and he was very fearful and barked at everyone, lunged out and bit people’s ankles.  He wouldn’t even let my friends come into the apartment without causing a big fuss.  After her training, professional guidance and ongoing compassionate support (plus a lot of homework on my end) my little Scout has really turned around.  He is a sweet little dog who can now greet people on leash, be okay if a car or bike goes by and recently he even graduated Anne’s Good Manner’s Workshop.  Thank you Anne for all your help!" 
Shirley & Scout the Min Pin

"Anne, I LOVE your monthly news letter and so does Sammy, cause he benefits from the treat recipes! He is doing wonderfully.  No more whinning or crying when we come in from work or leaving him to run errands.  He actually is either sleeping or he decides to get up and bark wagging his tail when we come to remove the baby gate!
Again, we wouldn't be at this point without your knowledge and expertise.  Of course the homework didn't hurt!  Thank you again so much for assisting us in having a much happier baby.  We definitely know his body language now! :)"
 Fondly, Bonnie, Phil and Sammy the Greyhound

Posted by: jjsbizniz: I've personally met the Owner of Specialty Pet Training, Anne O'Neil. I've also trained under her. Her understanding of canine behavior is astounding as well as her understanding of how, specifically, to teach the clients how to work and understand their pets.

I've trained dogs for approximately 5 years and I've not seen such expertise and new approaches for faster learning so as to expedite a dogs learning experience. They finest tools that can be given to clients for dog training courses and agility training.

Posted by: amym0533: Anne's XDog Challenge class was so much fun! My dog Maggie had a blast and won a beautiful trophy. Anne is such a great trainer and works with everyone with such compassion and heart.

Posted by: mke88: We joined their Basic & Beyond Class and the XDog Class. We learned so much and had so much fun in both classes. Anne makes every class fun and really knows her stuff.

Posted by: mrkc: Anne really knows what she is talking about. Anne helped us get our Daisy back on track. Our loving dog suprises us every day with how smart she truly is. Thank you Anne - you are a blessing to our family.

Posted by: Grandpawspetsitter: We have alot of mutual clients and I have only heard wonderful things about Anne's training program. Kudos to you Anne! Dana,

Posted by: ccsd: The knowledge that specialty pet training has is far superior than any trainer I've spoken with. They not only train your dog, but help you understand your dog and what your dog needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Posted by: christyhoward: Anne is wonderful! She works with the owner as well as the dog.

Posted by: abbejo: Anne is a great educator of all things dog. She'll help you understand why your dog does what he does and provide you with easy tools to get lasting results! Ann has changed our lives!

Posted by: babyalfred33: positive training, fun for all, Anne is very helpful and really cares about her canine and human clients.

Posted by: tigger68: Anne makes all her classes so much fun for both the dogs and the people. She gives great encouragement and feedback that help you work better with your dog.

Posted by: Dragonslayer325: Three years ago we had Anne O'Neill come into our home for several training sessions. She taught us how to turn our hyper, out-of-control puppy into a well-behaved young lady. Anne's the best!!!!

Posted by: pgmontgo: They went beyond the call of duty in assisting placing a puppy that needed a different momma.

Posted by: user6262: My daughter used Specialty Pet Training and really benefited from it.

Posted by: alanakayle: Specialty Pet Training is a great resource for me and my dogs. She is a professional, dog lover and a people educator. She has a knack for helping owners understand their dogs’ behavior. Her classes are fun and affordable. If my dogs hear her voice they immediately begin to wag their tails! She has helped me and my motley crew with everything from leash walking, confidence, agility and good manners. I have recommended her to several friends, family members and co workers. She is an asset to our community and takes pride in her work! Thanks so much for all you have taught us! Alana Kayle & Molly, Major and Roxy

Posted by: abbysformermom: Anne is fantastic. She knows her stuff. I have recommended her to others. She has a lot of common sense which helped me make a difficult decision. The dog whisperer has nothing on her.

Posted by: 1bythesea: Anne is so good with the dogs - very knowledgeable and most importantly, patient (especially when training the owners ;-).

Posted by: elliejo808: I had Anne O'Neill come out to my house to help with a new puppy I had brought home. I have a 1.5 yr. old Maltese and the new puppy and she saved my sanity. She helped with potty training and basic obedience. She had a calm manner and only used positive re-enforcement methods and a lot of praise. My dogs are now much happier and so am I. Great Job Anne and Specialty Pet Training!!!

Posted by: Jodilynn84: Anne is very good with giving advice and keeping in touch with customers. She regularly lets us know about pet tips and area events. She will come to you for training or you can meet her in group classes. I would recommend her to anyone with a new pet or one that needs a little coaching!

Posted by: tennispro2009: Anne is phenomenal with animals! Without raising her voice, she can get them to do what she would like within minutes in most instances. I will always use Anne's services when in need of a dog trainer.

Posted by: bjgkgg: Anne, the trainer and owner of the company is wonderful! She loves animals, is great with them, and is really good with us humans as well. She has practical training that takes our human lives into account and teaches you why your dog behaves the way it does. It makes you think completely differently about training. Let's face it; while we adore our dog, we have a full life that he also needs to fit into! (First time dog owner...since childhood...with a hubby and 3 active kids.)

Posted by: sherry0914: Anne is the best! My standard poodle was out of control and with Anne's help after just one session he was so much better. After the entire training course we don't have any of the issues we had before.

Posted by: CAMULODGIRL:  Ms. O'Neill is a gifted trainer, both in understanding canine motivation and behavior and in coaching owners to be better pack leaders. She also has fantastic class offerings and a very loyal following. I am constantly barraged by the public with compliments about how well trained my German Shepherds are, and I attribute this to Ms. O'Neill and her tutelage. We got highly individualized attention with in-home training visits. We were given a wealth of research and material to read and homework assignments to work on prior to the next visit. The proof is in the results. The prices are more than reasonable and she works with customers negotiating these under certain circumstances. Her demeanor is charming, calm and she is witty and enthusiastic. I give her superior marks and would recommend her to anyone who wants a well-behaved dog or who has any problem behavior.

"Hey Anne! I wanted to let you know that I spoke with my manager, and she has heard awesome feedback about the event. Thank you so much for all you did to make that an incredible event for our residents! They obviously loved it, judging by the turnout and the continued positive feedback. It’s always nice to hear positive things from my manager. =) I hope it was a blessing for all of you, and I really look forward to doing it again!!"

Lindsay | Application  Administrator | CARES by Apartment Life

"You've changed my life with our dog...we're still working on the front door thing, but the leave it and stay and potty training is going wonderfully.  I think we may actually get to keep our dog.  I have passed your information on to another friend of mine that is having some sudden agression issues with her dog...hope she calls!"

Lesa - Beau's Mommy

"Buttons and I would like to thank you so very much for such a fun class.  We both feel like we learned so much and look forward to learning more."

With love and wet kisses - Linda and Buttons the Shih-Tzu

"I wanted to just take a moment to personally thank you again for the help with the training. I started using the cheese for the difficult tasks like come here and down and they work like a charm.  I also used it in small pieces for the leave it and she is getting so much better. There is such a difference in her from the beginning to now and I owe it all to you and your training guides.  Today I laid out some rocks by the pool and had her off leash and practiced the leave it and it was great. 

Great techniques and she loves the blue squeeky toy so much.  I have her off leash in the office with me most afternoon now and she played with the toy and I had a couple treats in my hand to practice sit/stay and down/stay and it worked great.  She is happy to be out of the box and I am happy to have her accompany me. We went out yesterday in the car and to the pet store and she did great.  Kids and adults coming up to her in the pet store and she licked and stayed focused.  It was a great test and I think she did wonderful. Thank you again for the tips on how to get her to behave in all situations."

Jason & Ginga the Pug

"I can't tell you how many people ask me about Kiiye's manners and who his trainer is....I tell them "Anne O"Neill, from Specialty Pet Training" and then I launch into a summary of our training, his home training sessions, the homework you asked us to do between visits, his agility course training, and now, his CGC training.

Anne, your training and advice affect us every day of our lives in helping to make our home congenial and harmonious. We have none of those doggy problems seen on TV, on The Dog Whisperer or It's Me or The Dog, because we started training early with you! I try to explain to people also that training is not just a class or a session. It is every day, all day, every time one interacts with their dog. Who wouldn't want their dog to be easy to live with and responsive to the pack leaders? You really know your stuff, Anne, and we value your opinions and advice. We look forward to spending more time in training with Kiiye and Kota. The dogs love it and it is so important to stimulate and challenge those brilliant brains. We love it too because it opens new avenues for interaction with these amazing creatures...our dogs! I wish everyone knew about you and your classes."
- Nancey, Roger & Kiiye & Kota the German Sheppards

"Thanks for all your hard work and the time you take to make each class the best. Uli and I really enjoyed your class and you will definitely see more of us!"
- Carrie & Uli the Jack Russell Terrier

"Thank you so much for your fun and educational class!  Chewy knew exactly where we were going each Saturday morning.  She got so excited dancing on her hind legs while she waited for me to get ready.Thank you again for the great photos and trophy’s that everyone received. I hope we can join the Spring class."
- Debbie & Chewie the Havanese

"I just want to give you follow-up on how much your help with our dear Dora has meant to me and us. A friend and I came to pet school .... last year or so.  Dora was a frisky, mildly nervous black Lab.  We learned so much from being in your class.  Dora and I walk 5-6 days a week on the Green Belt.  She doesn't pull on the leash, she stays right by my side; she's a joy.  Often when other dogs approach, I step off the path, make her "sit and stay" until they pass.  Almost every one remarks/comments about what a good dog she is.  I AM SO GLAD WE CAME TO YOUR CLASSES.  I just wanted to say Thank you. "
- Dotty & Dora the Lab

"I just wanted you to know how much Molly and I enjoy the X-Dog class. I have taken several of your classes as well as the one day workshops. Each one has been a great learning experience and we both enjoyed the class. But the X-Dog class is a blast! Molly’s focus after working with her has increased as well as my confidence as a dog owner. It always brings a smile to my face to see my 125 pound girl jump with such grace and happily tromp through the tunnel! I love that we are all there to have fun and all cheer each other on! I would take the same class ever year, and Molly would show up with a doggie grin and leave pleased with her self and pass out as soon as we got home!"

Thanks for providing us with a great experience!
- Kayle & Molly the Mastiff

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Peaches has made so many improvements since you left. Thank you so much, everything you said works!!

Also, she seems to be so willing to please in EVERY WAY now. Once Dan and I started doing all the things you said, when she had to go outside she went to the door and sniffed around. I was doubtful that she really had to go, cause she's never made those signs before but she did!! I guess she likes pleasing us!

You made such a huge difference!!"
- Alisha & Dan and Peaches the Golden Retriever

"You have been a miracle in the lives of our dogs.  We did have a little trouble with potty training when we moved, but you had prepared us for that and it really was not a problem.  Our dogs are awesome and we owe it all to you."  Thanks a Million!  Candy & Rocky the MinPin

"I learned more listening to you for 1 hour than I have with any book or trainer I've worked with before."  Mary & Sweetie the Lab Mix

"Thanks so much for your help with Sadie. It is amazing what a little of your training did for her." Leann & Sadie the Great Dane

"Thank you so much for your care and training for Sienna. We were all at our wits end not knowing how to handle her puppy craziness. You gave us the tools to work with her and start enjoying her... then just like magic she was house broken immediately following her first training session. It was like her learning to focus helped her in multiple ways. She has come so far." Thank you for helping us, Erika & Sienna the Pit Bull

"We are so excited with Daisy. She is doing everything she is supposed to do. Even last night, she had ran out the door when my 5 year old opened the door... and for the first time she actually came back to us when we called her. Thank you so much." Beth & Daisy the Yellow Lab

"Thank you for helping us with Buddy.  It was a lot of fun for us and the kids."  Cynthia & Buddy the Black Lab

"Thanks again for all your help and guidance.  Now we just have to learn to be consistent!" Teresa, Kevin & Beeker the Schnauzer

"We have appreciated coming to your classes & getting to know you and your training philosophy!  You are a great teacher and communicator with people and canines - a perfect combination!"  - Carolyn, Sam & Marsha the Border Collie